WonderWall Fun Bar is also a renowned host of many special events. Our abundant catalogue includes NBA match screenings (often in the middle of the night!), Beer Pong Tournaments full of adrenaline and… booze, Karaoke Nights, Comedy night shows and DJ sets by professional music producers!

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At WonderWall Bar Café we ‘ve had the pleasure to host many DJ sets with a wide range of artists from Greece and abroad. All of these artists are very creative and dedicated professionals, specializing in music genres like electronica, hip/trip hop, synth pop and reggae/dub.

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WonderWall Bar Café has provided the stage for the live shows of numerous talented musicians coming from Greece and abroad. We believe that live music is better enjoyed in a youthful, intimate environment and we offer you exactly that.

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WonderWall Bar Café participates as a co-host in some of the most popular events of Thessaloniki!


Every autumn Aigiptou street turns into a long dance floor and live stage. All the bars located at this street, which is renowned for its nightlife, unite for a couple of days and provide Thessalonians with an endless amount of fresh drinks and shots right at the pavement. Music bands and DJs set the pace and the party soon takes off.

Beer Fest

We don’t believe that a special occasion is needed to have a pint or two. But Beer Festival is much more than simply drinking. Held during the early summer, Beer Festival brings together all the city in night of unstoppable dancing, singing and everything in between. Drinking is only the beginning.


Here in Greece we celebrate Tsiknopempti (“Thursday of meat smell”), during which the whole country is being turned into a huge meat banquet. WonderWall Bar Café, as well as the other bars of Aigiptou Street decided to combine the atmosphere of Aigiptia with this annual ritual with a delicious BBQ accompanied by huge amounts of beer.

X-mas Beer Fest

Here at WonderWall Bar Café we love beer, and so does everyone at the Ladadika district. That’s why we thought that the summer edition of Beer Festival was not enough. So, we decided to throw another big beer party the day before Christmas and bring a glimpse of summer right at the heart of winter.

Skygaze Sessions

Co-organized by our bar, Love Light Productions and Radio Nowhere, Skygaze Sessions were a series of DJ sets taking place under the stars until the early morning. One or more talented DJs were invited to each Session and set the dance floor on fire with their electronica, dub, hip hop and synthpop sounds!

Kitsi Kitsi

A party especially for kitsch lovers! That’s what Kitsi Kitsi was. It was organized by two active youth teams of Thessaloniki, Origen and Infinity Greece. The best trash tunes from the ’90s and the ’00s blasted from the speakers, while the attendants with the most kitsch/trash objects earned special prizes.


“Anomologita” (“the Untold”) is a series of Greek Facebook pages that post secrets sent by local young users. These pages have become a trend in Greece and almost all major universities and cities have their own. WonderWall Bar Café organized a successful party for one of these communities in Thessaloniki. During the party a large screen constantly showed the secrets shared by the attendants. Definitely a night with nothing to hide!