WonderWall Fun Bar has only two primary rules.

First: “Pump up and forget the Dos and Don’ts of everyday life!

Second: “Pets are more than welcome!”

Nevertheless, the situation with the use of our website is a little more complex. Please take a look at the terms below before continuing your browse.


https://wonderwall.bar has the right to change or edit these terms and conditions according to any needs that may occur. Nevertheless, it also has the obligation to clearly inform all the users about any change/edit that may take place.


WonderWall Fun Bar promise to post valid information concerning the characteristics of their products and services on their website.

Of course, there is always a slight chance of technical or spelling mistakes going unnoticed. The personnel of our company do their best for the immediate correction or avoidance of such mistakes.


https://wonderwall.bar is the official web site of the company named WonderWall Fun Bar. The content of its web pages (photos, graphics, texts, products, descriptions, logos, designs, and services) is literary property of this company and is reserved by all the corresponding provisions of the Greek Law and the international Agreements.

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In no case must the exposition of this content on https://wonderwall.bar be considered an assignment of additional rights to the user.


All users of https://wonderwall.bar without exception agree that they shall not use it for posting, sending, sharing or transmitting via e-mail and other ways of content that:

– contains threats, is illegal, offensive, disturbing, obscene and defamous

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– should not be transferred or transmitted in accordance with law

– violates any patent, trade secret, logo, copyright or owner rights of others

– contains viruses, pieces of code, programs or files that have been developed with the aim of causing harm and destroying any piece of hardware or software

– intends to the collection or storage of any user’s personal data.

Any form of such content accidentally or in purpose violates the current legislation of the Greek state and the European Union.



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These personal data are not forwarded to third people. Nevertheless, they may be used only by us within the Google Analytics service. Google Analytics aims to the recording of web traffic of our website and to the extraction of useful statistical data (e.g. demographics).

By using our site the user automatically gives consent to the storage and editing of his personal data by WonderWall Fun Bar. Nevertheless, he/she has the right to retrieve any piece of data that he/she has provided to us (a. EU 2016/679) and to raise an objection on the editing of data that may concern him/her (a. 18 EU 2016/679). This can be done via a written or oral request at the e-mail address info@wonderwallroof.bar and the telephone (+30) 694 228 8346.


Access to the systems (web servers) of the website are controlled by a firewall security system. Firewall allows the use of certain website services by our customers/users while at the same time forbids the access to databases with confidential personal and corporate information.


We use an encryption protocol in order to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data. Encryption is a way of coding that protects any piece of digital information until it reaches its recipient. Then, the recipient can decode the piece of information by using a digital key. When browsing our website, the communication between the user’s computer and our servers is encrypted. In other words, every time you want to send information to our systems, your internet browser first encrypts them with a digital key and then sends them.

The data exchanged during browsing sessions are encrypted by an SSL 128-bit encryption system. This means that there are 2128 different keys for the encryption of your data but only one is used at each connection to our servers.


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