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WonderWall Fun Bar is not just a café bar.

WonderWall Fun Bar is located at 18 Egiptou street, at Ladadika, downtown Thessaloniki. Just a visit is enough for one to realize that this is a spot meeting high standards. It offers coffee, cocktails, fine cuisine and excellent service. Part of the vibrant activity of downtown Thessaloniki, WonderWall Fun Bar is not just a café bar. It's a multi-purpose entertainment spot that brings cultures, ideas and people! together.

At Wonderwall Fun bar we have
2 inter-connected principles

Alternative entertainment and, above all, quality time is our philosophy. Based on this philosophy, we stylized four floors, each with its own unique identity and theme. Let's check them out!

WonderWall Fun Bar is also a renowned host of many special events. Our abundant catalogue includes NBA match screenings (often in the middle of the night!), Beer Pong Tournaments full of adrenaline and… booze, Karaoke Nights, Comedy night shows and DJ sets by professional music producers.

If you are looking for a cozy, youthful and entertaining place to hang out, you can count on us. We are gonna be the ones that save you. And after all, we are your WonderWall!

#Ground Zero


The ground floor of WonderWall Fun Bar, modernly designed and with an urban essence, hosts some of the most unique, alternative events in Thessaloniki, such as Bar Quiz, popular karaoke nights, parties with renowned DJs (Hugo Kant, Proleter, Daedalus, Cayetano among others) and events with specific themes. At the same time, it is a classic spot for friends that want to relax, meet and chat right on the pavement of Egiptou street (#frontyard), enjoying brunch and smoothies in the afternoon and cocktails in the evening.


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On the first floor the middle name of this Thessaloniki bar prevails: "Fun". A space with aesthetics immersed in the 90's, you can find two classic arcade cabins with some the famous games of the era, but also a wooden foosball table! Game lovers may enjoy NBA Jam, foosball and beer pong tournaments, while basketball fans can participate in NBA game screenings (powered by the Mati Garida NBA Society team). On the same floor a studio of Radio Nowhere, a renwoned web radio, has been housed since 2019, broadcasting shows of many musical genres.


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A secret garden for any time of the day, ideal for business meetings and casual meals. In our bright lounge, next to the modern swing and the wood paneling of the wall, the noise of the city fades away. Here is a second, colorful bar and a quiet, sunny balcony overlooking the entire Egiptou street and its people…


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